How to make a good homemade lip scrub

One of the keys to show off pretty lips is to take care of them frequently. In addition to having them well hydrated, it is also important to make an exfoliation from time to time, with different cosmetic products or with a homemade lip scrub, which, besides being natural, is very easy to prepare and very effective. Also know how to get rid of dry patch on lips.

Tricks to exfoliate the lips at home

From time to time, small lips appear on the lips, which are very noticeable when applying the lipstick. To prevent them from appearing, it is very important that the lips do not dry out and have them well hydrated, but also, it is advisable to perform an exfoliation once a week or every fifteen days.

There are different tricks to prepare a good exfoliant for homemade lips very fast and effective:

Mix in a bowl a little honey and sugar, until a more or less consistent paste forms. Apply to the lips giving a massage with the fingertip, with the aim of removing the skin and dead cells.

Apply an abundant layer of petroleum jelly on the lips. Then, take a little sugar and stick it all over the lower and upper lip, then massage in circles, in order to eliminate dead cells. You can remove it with a handkerchief, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water, to remove the remains of sugar that remain on the lips.

After performing the exfoliation of the lips, it is highly recommended to apply a repairing or moisturizing balm, so that they are well nourished. Without a doubt, it is a simple and very effective trick.

The toothbrush, another ally

In addition to being recipes for preparing a homemade lip scrub, you can also use the toothbrush to rub the lips, performing a massage, in order to eliminate dead cells. It is effective, but in this case it is very important to apply a moisturizing balm afterwards, since it is a more aggressive lip trick.

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