Small Business Ideas In India

Are you want to be independent, but don’t have enough money to invest to start your own business or startup? So, here are some business ideas in india for beginners which help you to make enough money

So that you can be independent.

As you all know india is the hidden hub of talents. People here are qualities that world is not aware of and these qualities help make millions dollar in business.

Business ideas

So, here are some crazy business ideas you need to know.

  1. Greeting Cards

There is a company name lovepop which create the 3d greeting card in a unique way.In its one 2 month after the deal with kevin o’lerey the company sale is 1 million within 2 month.So, people are making money just by making greeting cards.

  1. Fast Food Van

In a twelve seventh, People have crazy about fast food.So , every jumping fast food industry. People are opening their fast food van. Giving very tasting food and more cheaper rate less than McDonald’s in nearby area.Now people are establishing their business and opening more than 1 van to expand their business.

  1. Customized Jewelry

There is a company name M3 Girl design which design a jewelry for the girl with the age of 8 to 80 year old started at 2006 in taxes. It is started by one of the daughters of M3 Girl when she was 10 years old. They make the beatiful customize jewelry replace missing garbage can lids.

  1. Make an Affiliate website

People are starting their own best small business ideas in India just by investing $30 in domain and hosting. And start your Coupon/affiliate website.Whenever the user the product from your site and buys it you get commission from it.

  1. Open up your own Gym

Everyone is taking pledges to became the fit during the new year’s, more and more people join the gym in the new year month i.e. is January. So, you can start with your small gym and hire the trainer to make your you fit and the customer who come to join you.

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