What Is the Cut Rule at the Masters Tournament?

The modern cut rule at The Masters Tournament is this:

Following the second round, golfers with the low 50 rankings, plus ties, plus any golfer within 10 strokes of the lead, develop to play the final two rounds.
Therefore, if the golfer in 51st area is eleven strokes in the back of the leader after 36 holes, handiest 50 golfers strengthen to play the weekend. But more than 50 make the reduce whilst there are ties for 50th vicinity following the second spherical, or whilst golfers outside the Top 50 are still inside 10 strokes of the 36-hole chief.

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A golfer will be in 75th place following rounds, however if he’s no extra than 10 strokes behind the chief, he (and all and sundry ahead of him) makes the cut.

To placed it the other way around — who misses the reduce at The Masters — you can nation it this way:

Those outdoor the Top 50 plus ties and not inside 10 of the lead omit the cut — they do now not get to play the 0.33 and fourth rounds. (Keep in thoughts that the 10-stroke part of the equation applies most effective to golfers outside the Top 50. A golfer who is 15 strokes off the lead however is in, say, forty eighth place, makes the cut.)
The contemporary Masters cut rule has been in effect since the 2013 version of this principal championship.

Evolution of The Masters Cut Rule
1934 Through 1956

From its first gambling in 1934 via the 1956 Masters, the tournament did no longer have a reduce. There became no need for one. Why do (most) seasoned golf tournaments use a cut? To make the field size extra potential for the very last rounds, placing the focal point on the ones golfers in rivalry to win and improving viewing opportunities for enthusiasts.

When The Masters debuted in 1934, it had seventy two entrants. That’s honestly not enough gamers to require a reduce. By 1956, area length had grown to eighty four golfers.

1957 Through 1960

A reduce changed into used for the primary time in this match at the 1957 Masters, when the sector length reached one zero one golfers. So that yr, the match instituted a cut after two rounds to the Top 40 golfers at the leaderboard, together with ties, plus any golfer inside 10 strokes of the lead.

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Did every body well-known miss the cut the primary time The Masters used one? Yes – one of the maximum-famous of all, in reality. Ben Hogan neglected the cut in 1957 by way of one stroke. Other destiny Hall of Famers who ignored that first Masters cut had been Tommy Bolt, Gene Littler, Cary Middlecoff, Paul Runyan, Denny Shute, Gene Sarazen, Julius Boros, Horton Smith and Craig Wood. Quite a casualty list for Year 1 of the Masters’ cut technology.

This rule – Top 40 and ties plus all and sundry within 10 of the lead – remained in impact via the 1960 match.

1961 Through 2012

The area length at The Masters fluctuates yearly, but generally is in the range of 90 to 100 golfers. So on account that that first cut in 1957, the reduce rule has been tweaked simplest a pair instances.

The first alternate got here with the 1961 Masters. Beginning that year, the reduce become to the Top 44 (in place of Top forty) plus ties and people inside 10 of the lead. That rule remained in effect through the 2012 event.


And beginning with the 2013 Masters, the cut became accelerated to the Top 50 plus ties and anybody within 10 strokes of the lead.

The cut on the Masters isn’t like america Open cut rule, the British Open cut rule and the PGA Championship cut rule. Each of the four majors establishes (and updates as its organizers see fit) its own reduce rule.

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